Is Buying A Dual Sport Right For You?

Dual Sport bikes are a rapidly growing class of bikes, as well as a rapidly growing community. The classic tale of leaving the city via interstate, having lunch in the mountains, and returning on a rugged fire road is easily achievable with a dual sport motorcycle. Seamlessly blending a smooth ride on pavement with dependability off-road, these bikes are well suited for those with multiple avenues to explore.

Starting small is always the best option when it comes to motorcycles, especially dual sport bikes. The issue here is learning how to manage 500cc’s before stepping up to 1200cc’s. The size of the engine and the size of the bike are relative to the amount of responsibility. So, be honest with yourself. It is important that you treat your first dual sport with care, and more importantly, treat yourself with care. We recommend starting with a used, smaller bike. This is to ensure that you learn properly, and also aren’t too upset when you inevitably drop it and break your turn signals.

Height is a vital component of dual sport bikes. Not just the height of the bike, but your own height, as well as your height in relation to the height of the bike. These vehicles need to be able to traverse mud, sand, etc. and cannot be low to the ground. This practicality is beneficial, but can be problematic to any riders than may be shorter than 5’6” or so. If you’re on the shorter end of the height spectrum, something around 250cc will be your best bet. If you’re on the taller end of the height spectrum, you should be just fine.

Be realistic, and think of what kind of riding you will be doing. If you imagine yourself riding to Ushuaia in the rain, you’ll want a sturdy, dependable dual sport capable of traversing rough terrain while also being large and comfortable for the long roads ahead. If you plan on taking your bike to the local mountains and riding on single lane, muddy roads, we recommend you go with a more compact, and dirt-oriented bike.

Dual sports are not usually lavish and expensive like some cruisers can be. That being said, $20,000 is no small fee. With bikes as low as $500, the dual sport category is versatile when it comes to price. That being said, it is important to do your research when buying a bike, especially a used one. Don’t make the mistake of spending less to save more, only to have what you saved be spent on fixing the faulty bike you found.

Finally, reliability is a key facet that varies from brand to brand. If you’re looking to trot the entire globe on a trip from Switzerland all the way to Mongolia, you’ll want to avoid bikes that aren’t up to the challenge. Suzuki and Yamaha are not made to go thousands of miles in a single sitting. BMW makes excellent machines that will stand true when tested along the road. Do your research and talk to others that love dual sports as much as you someday will. We wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your journey.